Major Supermarket Chain Struggles, How Could Social Media Analytics Help?

It was announced today that one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains are facing troubled times, mainly due to competitors’ highly discounted prices; this will show a detrimental effect in both share price and consumer confidence and perception of the brand.

With such a variety of retailers to choose from and consumers now looking for the best value for money as purse strings tighten and word of mouth, media coverage and social media having huge influence on consumer purchasing decisions, it has never been more vital for a company to be able to track their brand perception and proactively install confidence, in order to avoid a media catastrophe, which could dent their reputation and impact revenue.

The role of social media management software (SMMS) in a situation as outlined above could have helped prevent or drastically decrease the damaged caused as well as help monitor and resolve such issues when they do take place as they have within this major supermarket chain.

With 55.6% of the UK population predicted to be using social media platforms by 2017, there is a huge opportunity to start to implement a social media strategy with the ability to take advantage of this through creating a highly intelligent, targeted and intuitive, personalised marketing and sales approach.

How you ask? Firstly the supermarket chain outlined that they are struggling to compete with heavily discounted competitors, through the use of social media analytics you are able to geographically pinpoint specific consumers on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and automatically offer discounts or incentives based on their location in order to drive sales.

You also have the ability to be made instantly aware when a specific word is mentioned, this could be a product, competitor, even your own brand (we’re look at how this could help resolve this current Supermarkets issues later).

Getting involved with the conversation early can be vital in the purchasing decision, Christmas is around the corner, the pinnacle of the retail industries year, why not give an automated message to anyone that mentions Christmas within a specific geographical area to your store, giving a voucher now that is valid up until Christmas, get in there early before your competitors do, and influence their purchasing decision.

This intelligent approach to geo targeted selling through social media has no ends to its potential, it’s as creative as your imagination and now you have the tools to make this a reality.

So now let’s have a brief look at how social media solution tools could help avoid or at least make negative media coverage less detrimental to your business. With the ability to be able to instantly track keywords such as your company name gives you the power to intervene and respond quickly to conversations which may cause hearsay and negative publicity. Sendible’s Social Media Management Software will instantly search thousands of blogs, review sites, social media platforms for your keywords, it even can tell you when negative phases are mentioned, again giving you the power to take control, respond and ultimately defuse a situation before it gets out of hand. You wouldn't want your brand name splattered across the headlines of every major newspaper and news website as we have seen today, which could be a long journey to recovery both financially and for your reputation, so try our 30 Day Free no risk trial of Sendible today, and not only help avoid a media disaster but increase sales, social engagement and customer insight through our social media analytics solution.

Luke Knight

Luke Knight

I’ve worked in marketing roles within the technology industry for over 10 years. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, socialising, watching live music, exploring London and attempting to hit the gym.


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