Instagram image carousel support is finally here! 🥳

Get more eyes on your content 👀
Carousels are a key format in helping you generate higher engagement on Instagram.

Create posts effortlessly 😌 
Compose your posts, optimise images with our built-in editor, and preview your carousels before scheduling them.

Save more time⚡️
Automate how you publish and schedule multi-image posts to Instagram.

Instagram Carousel Support

Create a thumb-stopping feed for Instagram 😍

Canva integration 🎨
Create stunning new designs with our Canva integration.

Built-in image editor 📸
Optimise the size of your visuals with our built-in image editor and make every post stand out in your audience’s feed.

Canva integration in Sendible

Make the most of every post you publish 👁️

Maximise your reach with Instagram geotags📍
Add locations to your Instagram posts to increase your organic reach and impressions.

Attract your audience with relevant hashtags 📣
Get your posts in front of your ideal audience by picking the right hashtags by search volume with our hashtag selector.

Visually plan your posts 🖼️
Preview your feed posts before they are published so you can make them picture perfect!

post preview for Instagram

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Extend your reach with clutter-free captions on your posts 💬

Hashtags help you engage a wider audience and including them in the first comment lets you expand your reach without cluttering up your captions.

With Sendible, you can automatically publish that first comment with your Instagram feed posts!

Instagram First comment

Schedule reminders for Instagram Stories 📸

Capture your community’s attention! Draft posts in advance and get push notification reminders to publish Instagram Stories.

Visually plan & collaborate on your Instagram strategy 🗓👥

See all of your scheduled posts at a glance with our calendar and simply drag and drop content to another day when needed.

Collaborate with your clients and team to create on-brand Instagram posts with post approvals.

close up of the Sendible calendar with drafted and scheduled posts

Analyse & report campaign successes 📈🚀

Understand the impact your Instagram posts have on your brand's audience and engagement to help you plan future campaigns.

From your top posts to the best times to post, our quick report for Instagram will guide you in deciding on what to do next!


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