Create beautiful social media posts for Instagram 🎨 📸

Attach your content or get creative by crafting images straight in Sendible through our Canva integration.

Choose between dozens of templates for your Instagram posts and make them your own, even if you are not a designer.

Expand the reach of your posts by picking the right hashtags by search volume.

Canva integration in Sendible

Plan & collaborate on your Instagram strategy 🗓👥

Have a dedicated overview of all scheduled, queued or sent posts in one place. Filter your calendar by clients or other social media networks for a deep dive view.

Collaborate with your clients and team on creating on-brand Instagram posts by sending them for approval.

Don't forget to engage with followers - monitor comments and reply to them without leaving the dashboard!

Sendible calendar view

Track & report all your activities on Instagram 📈🚀

Understand the impact your Instagram posts have on your client's audience and engagement to make better decisions in the future.

From your top posts to the best times to post, our quick report for Instagram will guide you in deciding on what to do next.

example of Instagram reports

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