[VIDEO] Sendible Snapshot: How to set up a Facebook Fan Page Stream


This video explains how you can stay ahead of your Facebook Fan Page Stream using your social media management software. Start by clicking Services, where Facebook is listed simply click Add.

In the list of Facebook services scroll down for the service you wish to add, today it will be the Facebook Fan Page Stream, click the Setup button next to it.

You will be redirected to your Facebook account unless you are already logged in, the next step is Settings which involves filling in the description of your service. Select the Facebook Page you would like to admin and the Type of Stream you wish to set up.

When completed Save Settings and you will find the stream available for you under the Engage button.



Manal Bouchacra

Manal Bouchacra

Manal is interested in social media and is working on her creative writing skills. Outside of work she enjoys the gym and hanging out with friends and family.


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