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Sendible Is Proud to Be an Official Facebook Marketing Partner

24 September, 2019
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Gavin Hammar

We are happy to announce that Sendible is included in the Facebook Marketing Partner Program as of May 2017.

As Facebook explains on their partner site, Facebook Marketing Partners are painstakingly vetted by Facebook not only for capability and expertise, but also for a solid track record of success.

Only once Facebook recognises that a particular platform holds the highest standard for functionality and performance, can software (like Sendible) earn the Facebook Marketing Partner badge.

Sendible is now a Facebook Marketing Partner

As a company and social media management tool, Sendible has come a long way since we first discovered the much-publicised flaw in Facebook’s API that impacted big brands such as Google, Coca-Cola and YouTube back in 2010.

Back then, we worked with Facebook to help patch their platform, and we work even more closely with them now to support the thousands of brands who use Sendible every day to streamline the management of their Facebook Pages.

Our team has worked hard over the past few years to produce a world-class Facebook marketing solution, and we're honoured to be recognised for our achievements. Although this news is great for us, it’s even better for you and the thousands of other users who already benefit from managing Facebook Pages more efficiently with our social media management tool.

Facebook Marketing Partners are painstakingly vetted by Facebook not only for capability and expertise, but also for a solid track record of success.

As a Facebook Marketing Partner, we’re now even better positioned to offer you more powerful and user-friendly solutions to ensure the successful execution of your Facebook marketing strategy. Plus, we have also been recognised as Instagram Partners for our community management and data insight solutions we provide for our users. 💙

In case you’re new to the Sendible platform, here are just a few of the Facebook publishing, engagement and reporting features we offer to our awesome customers!

Facebook publishing & scheduling features

Sendible is designed to scale with you, making it simple to manage multiple Facebook Pages at once. Simply connect your Facebook Pages and/or groups for different brands and use our sophisticated Compose Box to publish various types of content including:

  • - Photos
  • - Videos
  • - Links
  • - GIFs
  • - Cover Photos
  • - Albums

Facebook services in Sendible

Attach GIFs in your Facebook posts

Users are now able to schedule animated GIFs on Facebook with Sendible! 👏 GIFs are highly effective at capturing the attention of your audience - whether you choose a popular meme, short clip from a movie or a GIF you create from scratch.

Although GIFs are often informal and funny, they can also be used for quick illustration purposes and promotions. We hope you'll have lots of fun (and engagement) with this quirky new feature!

im-so-excited-gif-tina-fey[GIF source: GIPHY]

Preview your Facebook posts before they are published

Scheduling social media posts more effectively is all well and good - but how will your posts look when they are published on the native platform? 🤔

The ability to preview posts before they are posted turned out to be a vital feature for social media managers. Naturally, our development team was up for the challenge and created a brand new solution that allows all of our users preview posts for platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram!

With this functionality, you can position your most important copy before the "read more" fold and make sure your images look as brilliant as intended.


Scheduling options for Facebook posts

With so many scheduling options available, you can be specific about when your content is published. You can choose to post:

  • - Immediately (also known as 'Send Now')
  • - At a scheduled time
  • - Through a queue
  • - In bulk (with our CSV importer)
  • - To your content library (for storing evergreen content)
  • - Through an approval process (if you have a bigger team)

In June 2018, we reintroduced editing link preview metadata to the Compose Box. This feature is available to all Facebook Business Pages who have verified and linked their domain.

Facebook link preview metadata demo 

You can also tag Facebook Pages when scheduling your posts which can massively contribute to your organic reach. One of our users had this to say about Sendible’s Facebook scheduling features:

It is really easy to schedule posts to my multiple groups and Pages on Facebook. Even with images! I host a new group at least every month and Sendible helps to simplify my life by not having to sign on every day to post something. I sit down once and schedule the whole week ahead. - Kacey, Social Media Marketer 

Monitoring engagement on Facebook & responding to ad comments

There are huge productivity gains to be had when planning your Facebook posts ahead, but what about engaging with your followers?

Due to the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, a lot of the features that allowed third-party tools (like Sendible) monitor the activity of personal profiles were discontinued or largely restricted.

We were able to bring back some features, for example, editing the link previews as well as reading and responding to Direct Messages.

We have also introduced the ability to schedule Facebook Dark Posts (also known as a type of Facebook Ads), plus the ability to read and respond to Facebook Ad comments from the Sendible dashboard.

When it comes to managing your social media and online communities, we believe there's a better alternative to continuously jumping between multiple accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others.

That’s why, we’ve developed a social media Priority Inbox that allows you to prioritise your time by capturing and filtering comments and posts you receive on your Pages that require a response.

Priority Inbox Stream - Facebook view

Besides giving you a single, easily digestible feed with just the important stuff, our Priority Inbox also makes it easy to:

  • - Assign incoming comments and posts to other teams and co-workers
  • - Spot negative comments with our automatic sentiment analyser
  • - Archive old messages and posts you don’t want to see any longer

For Facebook Pages, we show your most recent posts, engagement metrics (likes), and the comments each post receives so you can respond to them without leaving Sendible.

You can also use Sendible’s Facebook Page Moderator tool to automatically remove comments and posts that contain specific phrases and keywords.

Auto-moderator for comments on Facebook Pages

Facebook reporting & insights

Our pre-designed Facebook reports provide you with insightful, actionable data to help you understand where to focus your efforts on your Facebook Page.

Not only can you access our beautiful reports in real-time from within the web app, but you can automatically email them to you or your clients on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It's also possible to save reports as a PDF if that's what you prefer.

Our agency customers in particular love being able to share these social media analytics with clients to demonstrate the results they have generated on Facebook. You can download a sample Facebook report here.

Reports Hub - Facebook Page Report

Our agency customers in particular love being able to share these insights with clients to demonstrate the results they have generated on Facebook.

Over to you

Sendible has been justifiably welcomed as a Facebook Marketing Partner for its excellence in community management and the array of powerful solutions available to you. However, don’t just take Facebook’s word for it, our customers love Sendible too. 😊

By using our app, you’ll be working with world-class social media management software that not only has been recognised by Facebook but also has the capability to boost your business Page activity and make you and your team more productive.

If you haven't already, give our tool a spin completely free for 30 days - start a trial today!

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*This blog was updated in February 2020, originally published in May 2017.