Throughout 2016, the Sendible product and development teams have been working solidly to make our social media management tool the best on the market. We have been adding some great new features and enhancing the functionality of others to meet the constantly evolving demands of our loyal audience of sophisticated marketing professionals.

And in the coming months you can expect even more! We will be releasing new and improved reporting and analytics, upgrade API functionality and a brand new mobile app. So watch this space!


Social media management made easy...

Our customers always come first. So we listened to our audience, and launched a number of new and improved social media management features in 2016, which you can read about below.

Our existing website just didn't tell the story well enough, or express our values. So we've built a shiny new streamlined and re-branded website. Think of it as an early spring clean and a new roof!


1. Instagram Automation app

We understand how important Instagram is to a successful marketing strategy through regular posting and interaction. That's why we've simplified scheduling to Instagram and introduced our Instagram Automation tool enables you to:

  • Generate awareness of your brand.
  • Increase reach (by gaining more followers).
  • Drive more engagement on your Instagram profile.


2. Enhanced social media posts with videos and emoji's

Video is booming on social media. Businesses are using it to add more personality to their brand, increase engagement with their target audience and extend their reach beyond it. Our new feature allows you to attach videos to social media posts via your Compose Box. This will save you time when managing your social media profiles, and hopefully boost engagement, leads and conversation.

To make your posts and replies in conversations even more engaging, we added an emoji icon selector to your Compose Box. Consumers relate to emojis and even the big corporates share emojis; proving no business should shy away from using them! To add an emoji, start writing one with colons (here's a cheat sheet) or simply click the emoji icon to select that suits.


3. Client Connect

Sometimes it’s a challenge for digital marketing agencies to get their clients and co-workers to hand over their social media profile login details. We have solved the problem for you. Now your clients can connect their own profiles to your Sendible account without ever accessing your dashboard.


4. Response time reports

Managing your team and their activities using a social media management tool can be a challenging task. To make it easier for larger teams to manage workflow and further enhance our reports, we’ve now added Response Time Reports. These reports allow managers to view the rate at which team members complete tasks as well as their response rate by date, hour or weekday.

We've also recently revamped our Reports Hub that allows you to create stunning engagement reports for all of your social media networks in less than 15 minutes (plus it's available on all of our plans).


5. Facebook tagging

We are very happy to announce the introduction of Facebook tagging as a feature in the Compose Box. It is available to all users on all plans. All you need to do is set up a Facebook fan page on the Sendible application and off you go.


6. Google+ posting to personal pages

It is now possible to publish posts to your personal Google+ profiles. This is all due to the recent change in the API, allowing us to build this feature / functionality right into Sendible.

Why is this important? Well, not all folks who hang out on Google+ have a business profile, actually, most influencers have been using a personal one for years. By having access to posting and monitoring page feeds, you can manage your personal account seamlessly in addition to your business accounts.


7. Task approvals

We have revamped the look and feel of our task approval emails to make them more visually appealing and also, simpler to use. Our team collaboration tools allow you and your team to quickly and effectively delegate social media conversations and tasks.


8. Bulk sharing of services

Instead of adding people as admins to clients’ social media accounts or even your own company profiles, simply share the services with them. You can also now manage all your shared services through this easy to use, time-saving feature. Add or remove services to and from your team members on one screen and all in one action.


9. Integrations with Slack, Medium, Majestic SEO &

Thanks to our flexible API, we added four more integrations to the Sendible dashboard, bringing more functionality to your "doorstep".

  • Slack is quickly becoming the favourite messaging app among teams all around the world. So, Sendible can now send notifications to your preferred Slack channel in addition to Priority Inbox and Email.
  • Medium is a blogging platform to which you can now publish directly from your Compose Box (this is in addition to WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr).
  • Majestic SEO helps you gain better insights about your audience, thanks to the advanced profile view (works wonders on Twitter).
  • allows users to add pop-up messages for shared content, which in turn can attract them to come back to your site.


10. Brand new partner programme

We aim to give our customers as much value as possible, so we have revamped our partner programme. By securing more deals with our partners, we can reward our audience with themed webinars and offers to help you boost your marketing efforts. We also have a referrals programme (ShareSendible) that lets friends save money on their social media management solution.


About Us

Sendible is a powerful social media management tool allowing SMEs, corporate marketing teams and marketing agencies to promote, analyse and track their brands across all social media platforms, email and SMS messaging.

Our tool provides a one-stop-shop for your social media marketing needs, helping you to build brand awareness by integrating social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest and many more into a single dashboard.

Every message sent through Sendible is tracked, analysed and measured, allowing you to easily measure the ROI of your social media marketing campaigns.

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Olly Silver

Olly Silver

Passionate about marketing products and delivering impactful and measurable results. My area of expertise includes formulating marketing strategies, SAAS marketing and rebranding.


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