Facebook just got private on Sendible with private messages on Facebook fan pages

We’re very excited to announce the release of private message streams for Facebook Pages!

What does this mean? Simply put, it enables you to set up a stream in Sendible to specifically monitor and respond to private messages coming through to your Facebook Fan Page in real-time, instead of in the Priority Inbox. Why the change? Because the Facebook Page Stream option provided a live feed of your timeline that wouldn’t have included private messages. In addition, this stream also covers any images included in the private message.

Since we never publish a release without a proper explanation, here are some examples of how it can be used for the best effect:

Customer Support Teams and Account Managers – this stream gives you the ability to easily assign messages and conversations to the appropriate member of your team. They can then respond as soon as a message comes through, meaning that you can get back to that customer or client as soon as possible, ensuring their issue or query is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Agencies – you can have one specific person take ownership of responding to private messages and contacting the client/clients if required. If the client has their own account and logs into the dashboard, you could also assign the message as a task for them to respond to.

Small businesses – allows you to see with ease everyone who has messaged you directly so you can set aside a few minutes a day to follow up with everyone who’s been in contact.

Valued Sendible users, we have heard you. While this isn’t the biggest feature we have ever released, we understand the value it adds to your social media marketing, and are sure you’ll come up with even more ways to utilize this service.

Have a read of the step by step guide to setting up your own direct message stream for a Facebook Page. And do let us know how beneficial you find it.

Claire Van Hespen

Claire Van Hespen

Claire has been with Sendible for four years and knows the tool inside-out. When not at work, she can be found attached to her games controller, paint brush or with a book.


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