Your Facebook Page is created, you are posting your promotions and trying to get likes and fans to build quickly, but your return is mediocre at best. What's wrong? More than likely, your posts stink. Here's 5 post types to attract Fans to your Facebook page.


Just because you think your post is going viral doesn't mean that it will garner any attention at all. To attract fans to your page you need to know what interests them, not you. You need to measure your reach and influence using a social media dashboard, otherwise the feedback you get will be incomplete and difficult to adjust to. There are 5 types of posts that will get more attention than any others and draw fans to your site.



Easily the most popular posts to the general population are the funny ones. Laughter is an action that instantly changes a person's mindset, even if only for a moment. It is an emotional and psychological response that encourages a good mood and positive feelings. If your viewers laugh at your post, you've got them hooked for a second at least. Take advantage of that.



If the reader doesn't care about what you post, they won't look any further. Your offers and services will be lost on their attention. If they care, they will stay and read. Engaging posts can be a wide ranging subject, but the key is that they strike some emotional chord in the reader. That could be laughter, but it could also be compassion, sadness, concern, etc. Touch your reader's heart in some way if you want them to keep reading.


Posting on controversial subjects should be entered into carefully. There is a difference between a controversial subject that causes anger and one that causes engagement. You want the latter, obviously. Make sure that any controversial posts are ambiguous enough to leave room for discussion and opinions without creating a war on your page. The right posts will get lots of attention and draw outsiders in.


There are things that people really want and need to know. Your job is to figure out what subjects will glue their eyes to your post and how you can relate them to your business or organization. For instance, if you have a page about collecting things and a new resource or idea comes around that would be vital information to collectors, being one of the first to share it can give you clout. Make sure that you are not just posting a link. Add some information or commentary that will drive interest even more.


Vital posts are intertwined with authoritative posts. The example above would be a good authoritative post as well, showing that when someone needs information on the subject you promote or cover that your page is THE place to find the information they need. Be an expert on whatever your page covers, and you will get readers.

Vishal Pindoriya

Vishal Pindoriya

Vishal Pindoriya is a social media enthusiast, strategist and writer. He lives in London, England and is particularly interested in the proliferation of social media around the world.


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