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Facebook Live Best Practices From Sendible At Social Media Week

9 August, 2016
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Matt Green

We were delighted to welcome a full house of eager social media professionals to our Independent Event at Social Media Week (#SMWLDN).

Our venue was the stunning auditorium of Central Working in Paddington where we held two best practice sessions focusing on Facebook Live and leveraging social media for PR.

Our CEO and product experts were on hand all-day answering social media questions from our guests, whilst our professional photographer was busy taking PR friendly profile pictures.

Introduction: Using visuals to raise your profile

9.30-9.45 am Tuesday, 13th September 2016
Our PR guru, David Stoch gave a whistle-stop guide to using imagery to best effect. Explaining the do's and dont's of getting your pictures ready for PR
Read the blog and watch the video now...

Session 1: Leveraging Facebook Live for your events (#SMWSendible)

9.45-10.30 am Tuesday, 13th September 2016
Luke Knight delivered best practice advice on using Facebook Live to connect with your audience.

  • - Why is Facebook Live important?
  • - Suggested themes
  • - Visuals & audio
  • - Live event logistics
  • - Who's doing it well, and why?
  • - Re-purposing your Facebook Live Videos

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Central Working Paddington Auditorium
The first session will take place at the Auditorium in Central Working Paddington.

Session 2: How to leverage your social media campaigns successfully offline (#SMWSendible)

11.00-11.30 am Tuesday, 13th September 2016
Our second session was a Q&A streamed on Facebook Live during which our PR and Social Media experts answered questions from our audience around the subject of raising the profile of social within the mainstream media.
Read the blog and watch the video now...

Event Panellists

  • Zoe Cairns, Social Media Strategist, ZC Media (Featured on BBC and ITV)
  • David Stoch, Director, Meerkat PR
Second session was streamed via Facebook Live.
The second session was streamed from the Auditorium with Facebook Live!
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