Crash Course: Generative AI for Agencies with Anyword

Generative AI is here and it is changing the way social marketers do their jobs. But how do you use AI for maximum impact? 

Join Anyword's Head of Content, Nick Liebman, and Sendible’s Content Marketing Manager, Tamara Biljman, for a crash course in all things generative AI for social media agencies. Learn how it works and how to utilize it to streamline your workflow for real marketing results.

What's covered in this webinar?

In this workshop, you’ll learn:
  • How to craft killer prompts every time
  • How to leverage data to generate original copy that actually performs
  • How to use AI to build trust & get client buy-in


Nick Liebman
Head of Content at Anyword

Nick Liebman is a professional marketer, educator, musician, and content creator with over 10 years of startup experience. With a Master’s in Music Composition, performances around the world, and years of community organizing and non-profit experience, Nick brings a unique, creativity-focused perspective to marketing.

He’s worked across the tech world, from e-commerce and enterprise SaaS products to communication and creative tools.

As Head of Content for Anyword, Nick uses strategic thinking and creativity to bring authentic stories and cutting-edge content strategies to marketers around the world.


Nick Liebman_Headshot-1

Tamara Biljman
Content Marketing Manager at Sendible

Tamara Biljman brings over a decade of experience in content creation and marketing to the table, making her an inbound, omnichannel-obsessed content marketer who truly understands the importance of purposeful content.

Her two master's degrees in Art History - Art in the Function of Propaganda, and UNESCO's Cultural Policy and Management - have given her a unique perspective on the power of storytelling.

As Sendible's Content Marketing Manager, Tamara is committed to creating educational content that empowers marketing agencies and other teams to achieve their goals.




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