Crack the LinkedIn Growth Code Skyrocket presence and ROI on LinkedIn

While you’re taking time to grow your clients' presence on social media, don’t neglect your own! 

LinkedIn is a great avenue to promote your work, position yourself as a leader in the marketing world, and ultimately gain new clients to increase your revenue.

Join Sendible as we discuss how to optimize your LinkedIn for growth.

Uplinked’s Founder, Michelle White, walks through setting up your profile and how to create content on the go.

Hunch’s Demand Generation Specialist, Andrija Kocic, covers the benefits of LinkedIn ads and how to utilize this with small budgets.

What's covered in this webinar?

In this workshop, you’ll learn:
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile
  • Ideate + Create Content
  • Utilize ads for growth
  • Streamline your LinkedIn posting
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Michelle White
Founder + Owner at upLinked

Michelle White is the founder and owner of upLinked, LLC.  Her unique combination of writing, teaching, consulting and freelancing experience provides the perfect backdrop for upLinked, where she spends time writing, training others, and providing LinkedIn consulting and management services. 

Michelle and her husband, Jeremy, live in the midwestern United States with their four children.



Andrija Kocic
Demand Generation Specialist at Hunch

Andrija began his career in 2016 at one marketing agency, where he spent over four years immersing himself in the world of adtech. 

In 2020, Andrija made a transition to in-house B2B marketing teams. His prior experience in the adtech industry proved invaluable as it facilitated a seamless adaptation to the new environment. Both his previous company and current, Hunch, operate within the ad tech industry, allowing him to leverage his broad knowledge effectively.

This unique blend of experiences enables Andrija to excel in his role, capitalizing on his adtech expertise to drive results in the B2B marketing realm




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