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Release Notes - November

Peter Woods Peter Woods

Welcome back to the release updates ... I hope you're all looking forward to the festive season and for our friends across the pond we hope you had a brilliant Thanksgiving. 🎃🙏

Old man winter is truly upon us, though so far we haven't seen any snow in the U.K. I'm sure it's just a matter of time. Make sure to wrap up warm and be careful in this weather. 

November was an exciting month for us in Sendible HQ with the release of Instagram Location Tagging. 🎉🎉 The Instagram Location tagging feature was a feature a lot of people have been waiting for and allows you to check-in to a place when adding a location to an Instagram Post. Instead of turning to Google, your audience can use this information to do a search directly on Instagram and see where the mentioned location is on a map.

This feature has been added thanks to the feedback provided on our Feedback Portal it's great that this has been a community-driven request. Please continue to add your ideas to help Sendible grow! The more votes that are added to an idea, the better as we can then measure your needs as customers.😍

Thanksgiving was an "interesting" time for Facebook and Instagram as they experienced some outages with their platform. When third parties we connect to experience issues like this, it makes posting very difficult. We ensured to update our customers through the Known Issues section of your Sendible account and sent a message about this on our Sendible Support Twitter account.

We also had an update about this on our LinkedIn Company Page, while it wasn't a great situation as mentioned in the LinkedIn post, it did provide an opportunity to spend time with loved ones.

One of the biggest support issues we experienced this month was the Monitoring feature not updating as of the 4th November. There has now been a release for this, and the feature is working and acting as intended.

Unfortunately, the release for this took a little longer than expected a great big thank you for being so patient with us whilst we worked around the clock to get this issue resolved. 

Check out other updates we've made this month below:

  • For our White Label customers, the Bookmarklet feature experienced some issues this month; this has now been resolved and should be working as intended. 🎉
  • The notification warning within the compose box that a similar post had already been posted to Twitter has been restored, providing you extra protection when posting to Twitter. 😁
  • Some customers experienced issues when dragging and dropping images to the compose box, and this caused the image to open in the browser if the image missed the box. This has now been resolved. 🙌
  • We've made some changes to the services we integrate with and have removed the option for Scribd, Slideshare and Sniply.😎
  • A fix was made where some customers were unable to select their Service Lists within the Compose Box. 👌
  • You'll be flagged within the Compose Box when trying to send videos to Instagram that are less then 3 seconds long. The minimum time for an Instagram video is 3 seconds and the longest is 60. 📷

That's all for this month guys, see you next month! 👋