Release Notes - February 2021

Costa Bondioti Costa Bondioti


Hi Sendi-Peeps!

We’re back to that time of the year where days are starting to get longer (or shorter, depending on the which hemisphere you’re in🌎) and the weather is starting to move on to more desirable temperatures.

Those in the Southern Hemisphere are starting to notice the heat roll back, and those in the North are starting to see the heat roll in.

Well… maybe not “heat” per se, but days have started growing longer, and it’s also starting to not be as cold as the previous week… which is nice. 🎈

It's been a spell since our last Releases update in November, but we’ve been releasing updates galore, and here’s some of the releases which stand out the most:

Fixed - Saving a post as a Draft before an image had been fully uploaded resulted in a “broken image”. 

Fixed - Tagging Facebook Pages with long names and/or special characters meant that the tag wasn’t being included.

Fixed - Issues with loading a conversation in the Priority Inbox, and images on these conversations appearing to be “broken images”.

Fixed - Video validations not appearing in the Compose Box when using Mozilla Firefox.

Fixed - Facebook Page and Facebook DM’s assigned as tasks displaying a broken image.

Fixed - Timeline not loading a for Twitter.

Fixed - Hashtags not displayed correctly in the Post-Preview for LinkedIn Profiles.

Updated - Timezone updates to help minimize timezone prompts.

Updated - We’ve removed image and video validations for Instagram Reminder Profiles so that these can be adjusted where needed when publishing via the Instagram App.

Updated - After editing a post in a Queue, users were being taken back to the top of the Queue. We have now made an update so that you’ll be returned to the same place in that Queue for easier editing.

We’re still hard at work releasing new updates and fixes, so be sure to keep an eye out on our next releases update next month, and make sure you update your Sendible cache often in order to make sure you’re running the latest version of our dashboard.

You can also contact the support team through Twitter, Online Chat and by submitting a support ticket by visiting: 

Till next time, stay safe everyone! 😷❤️