Warnings for Invalid Instagram Videos

Gavin Hammar Gavin Hammar

Instagram is very picky when it comes to the types of videos they'll allow you to post via third-party tools like Sendible. With this update, we've introduced notifications to warn you when your Instagram video post is likely to fail, before it's been scheduled. 

When you want to schedule video posts to Instagram, there's a lot you need to think about. Not only must the videos you upload be less than 100mb in size and no more than 60 seconds in duration, but you also need to make sure your videos have the correct aspect ratio and bitrate. 

This sounds like quite a headache, doesn't it? 

We've documented all the restrictions for Instagram as well as other social media platforms in this handy article, but you really shouldn't be expected to remember that the maximum bitrate is 5mbps or that the minimum allowed aspect ratio is  4:5. 

So, to make your life easier, we'll be releasing an update that does all the checks for you. Now, as soon as you upload a video for Instagram, the Compose Box will analyse your video and notify you if the format is incorrect.

image (3)

It will also give you exact reasons that your video may be rejected by Instagram so you can make the necessary edits and upload again.

To take this a step further and make this even easier for you, we are planning to introduce a video editor in the coming months, so that you'll be able to edit your videos without ever needing to leave Sendible.