Release Notes - October 2020

Peter Woods Peter Woods

As we head into Q4 of 2020 (some would say at last) at Sendible HQ we thought we would provide you with an update of some of the things we have been working on in the background during Q3.

With Sendible growing as a company and embracing remote working, our team now covers three different continents. Whilst remote working and being able to collaborate with people from other locations has brought some amazing benefits, as you'll likely agree if your team or clients are spread out in different locations and countries, we have found that working over different time zones - especially with daylight savings happening this Quarter- can be a little challenging.

Effectively managing time zones within Sendible has sometimes been a little challenging so we've been working hard recently to improve the experience, especially in terms of seeing the timezone pop-up every time you logged into the dashboard in some cases!

We're still keeping an eye-out to ensure that these have worked as expected as different countries move into daylight savings but we're hopefully that the most you'll need to do to transition this year is to dig out your winter coat!

Another handy feature we've added to smooth out some friction when changes happen has some great benefits for Client Connect.

If you have a client add a profile through Client Connect and this profile needs to be reconnected, we will notify the client via email but your client may not always know what to do to reconnect or may have missed the email and this could make getting the profile reconnected a bit of a chore.

We will still be continuing to send these emails as notifications for the time being, however, you can now also send your client a specific link to reconnect their profile if they can't find the email or need a little more handholding when going through the reconnection process.

If you have a client whose profile needs reconnecting, it's now a simple case of heading over to Profiles > My Profiles clicking on the reconnection button and copying the reconnection link. You can then email this link to your client whenever you need to in order for them to reconnect.

We've also been busy working away at several other fixes in the background over the last couple of weeks which included: 

  • An issue where posts that had been sent for approval and previously contained content, once updated, had the content removed. We jumped on this quickly and were able to get to the route of the problem and resolve within a few days.
  • Google My Business profiles were sometimes showing as needing to be reconnected when they didn't and this was also blocking composing for that profile. This should now only be displayed if action does need to be taken.
  • Our team also worked on making sure that the way that we count characters including emojis, spaces and other formatting that can be included in a Twitter post reflects in the character counter in the same way as it would on Twitter so you can be confident about when you need to edit your Tweet to be under the 280 character limit.

As you can see it's been far from quiet on the Sendible front and we continue to bring you updates and improvements as frequently as we can.