Release Notes - March 2021

Costa Bondioti Costa Bondioti


Hi Sendi-Peeps!

Spring is finally here! 🌷 Or Spring is actually "kinda" here..

Spring is a bit like a cat standing in front of an open door at this point. Are you coming or are you going Spring? 🐱

Anywho! Here's the latest regarding our most recent updates and fixes we released last month, most of which are more relevant to our users experience on their dashboard, as we won't bore you with the multitude of improvements we have going on "under the hood". 😉


Fixed - Posting videos with a blank title causes the video to appear on Facebook with the title "&nbsp"

Fixed - Better handling of url's using %20 Encoding Format

Fixed - Saving a draft, and editing it a second time no longer removes the saved Profiles which were added to it

Fixed - Opening a large image to view in your dashboard no longer goes outside the image frame

Fixed - You will no longer receive the "Too Many Redirects" error when adding a Twitter Profile (only some users were affected)

Updated - Queues no longer allow you to create multiple time slots for the same time

Updated - We've also made various improvements around link-shortening, and url handling within the compose-box


We’re still hard at work releasing new updates and fixes, so be sure to keep an eye out on our next releases update next month, and make sure you update your Sendible cache often in order to make sure you’re running the latest version of our dashboard.

You can also contact the support team through Twitter, Online Chat and by submitting a support ticket by visiting: 

Till next time, stay classy, and stay safe everyone! 😷❤️