Release Notes - July

Alexis Camacho Alexis Camacho

Hey everyone, this is Alexis again wishing you a belated Happy World Emoji Day!

I 🍩 believe it.. July has come around quick, it's been a hot one here at Sendible HQ (most of the time anyway, it's London after all πŸ˜‰) and I'm excited to once again announce the latest fixes that your fellow Sendibuddies have been working on!

Here's a list of reported issues that your fellow Sendibuddies have been working on throughout the month of July:

  • We've fixed a bug when trying to attach big images, now you can successfully resize the images without having to leave Sendible!
  • We’ve made updates to Post Previews to correct the wrong URL being displayed in the Link Preview of some posts, now making them even more accurate. πŸ‘Œ
  • When attaching a video to a LinkedIn post, the text was being truncated to 500 characters but this has now been resolved.
  • Fixed a temporary issue causing posts to get stuck on "Sending..." yeah, that was quickly rectified! πŸ’ͺ
  • After reordering, posts in Queues were still displaying in the previous order. We’ve made sure they now display in the correct order so you can rearrange your queues with confidence!
  • Google My Business β€œClick To Action” button is now saving correctly when composing to both Google My Business and Facebook at the same time.
  • Fixed that pesky display bug when adding tags for a post under the Content Library, it no longer overlaps into the link preview.
  • Single Sign On for Safari is back up and running so you can now easily integrate with your own dashboards, thanks for your patience with this API fix guys!
  • Renaming channel tags issue has now been resolved, so feel free to continue to edit the channel tags as needed. 
  • When exporting your messages to a HTML file from the Bulk Importer, it now correctly exports all the columns in the right order.

That's all for this month guys, see you next month! πŸ‘‹


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