Release Notes - February

Alexis Camacho Alexis Camacho

We have been working hard this month on various fixes and improvements across the Sendible platform. Read our monthly release notes to learn what has been fixed, updated, and what's new.

For February, these are the items your fellow Sendibuddies have working on 💪:

  • Modules are no longer getting cut off between pages in scheduled emailed reports
  • Facebook Audience Growth chart is now clearly showing data for more than 3 months
  • LinkedIn Demographics module now loading correctly
  • Google error when adding Google Analytics reporting module is now resolved
  • Emailed reports live link now opening correctly
  • That pesky crash on the Image Editor for Macs is now resolved
  • Sendible is now loading correctly again on Internet Explorer, damn you IE! 😜
  • Priority Inbox Email Updates now coming in through as they should
  • You can now save videos to your content library without issues
  • When pasting text, line breaks are no longer removed
  • Custom tags can now be edited again
  • Updated Russian Language (special thanks to Mazur 😉)