Posting to Pinterest

Cecilia Haynes Cecilia Haynes

Pinterest is making some exciting changes and updates to turn its platform into even more of an inspirational space! πŸŽ‰

Learn how to keep your pins creative and eye-catching with updated advice from Pinterest. πŸ‘‡

βš“ Keep calm and pin on

Keep your pins posting smoothly with some best practices to follow to avoid being seen as spammy:

  1. πŸ‘― Make sure your pins match the content that you’re linking to. Don’t share misleading pins - they are a surefire way to get blocked!
  2. ⏳ Keep that pinning frequency healthy. If you pin too frequently in a short period of time, Pinterest might flag your account.
  3. πŸ€– Keep your pin content fresh. Don't post the exact same image and link or Pinterest might mistake you for a bot and suspend your account. Make sure those pins are unique content each and every time! 
  4. πŸ€‘ Stay away from overly salesy content. Above all, make sure to share valuable content that helps you build an authentic and organic audience.

πŸ“š Need additional support?

Here are links to helpful resources from Pinterest:  

Happy pinning!