Better Looking, Native Videos for Twitter

Nico Watson Nico Watson

Now you can post native videos to Twitter, even if it's longer than 30 seconds! 💪

Previously, when you posted a video from Sendible to Twitter, if the video was longer than 30 seconds, it would attach a link to the video and take your audience away from their Twitter feeds.

With our latest update, when you post any video to Twitter, the video is embedded directly within the tweet!  What's more -  the video will play automatically when your followers scroll down their feed, guaranteed to drive more engagement and naturally, more ❤ from your clients!

How it works:

Simply attach the video in the compose box, as you would attach any other image:


Twitter does have a few limitations:

You can attach up to 4 photos, 1 animated GIF or 1 video in a Tweet. For videos to be embedded in the tweet, files need to be under a specific size:

  • Video size limit is 512MB.
  • Photo size limit is 5MB.
  • GIF size limit is 15MB.

If your file reaches the size limit you'll be informed to use a smaller file, otherwise, your post will fail.

Twitter does not support videos with mpeg4 visual codec in QuickTime file (.mov) at the moment and may not support other video codecs. For more information please click here.