Publish Animated GIFs to Facebook

Katey Gold Katey Gold

Users are now able to attach a GIF to a Facebook post and it will publish as the intended animated GIF. 🎥

After receiving numerous votes on our feature request portal, we can confirm that we have made further improvements to our platform when it comes to the posting of GIFs. 

What we did 🤷‍♀️:

Users are now able to draft, schedule and post animated GIFs through Sendible to Facebook, the GIFs are posted animated, as intended. 

You can use GIFs in social media posts and ads to catch the attention of your audience and increase brand awareness.

Although they're often funny and informal, they can be used for quick illustration purposes, too. And because they're lightweight, they're ideal for mobile as well as desktop.

We have a free guide on using GIFs for business, as well as how to find and create your own on our blog.