Calendar Update - View Drafts and Posts Sent For Approval

Katey Gold Katey Gold

You are now able to view your draft posts and posts sent for approval in the calendar - making sharing content with your team that much easier! 🙌

We're happy to announce that you are now able to view placeholder, or draft posts, and posts sent for approval in the calendar view. 👀

You can now plan out your content for the month without scheduling it, get client approval, and go back to the posts to edit them, make them social media ready, and schedule them as normal!

🚀 Here are a few cool ways how you can use this new feature: 

  • Visually plan out your schedule according to your content pillars or themes.
  • Present your ideas and adjust them with your clients or team.
  • Approve posts as you go - view the posts scheduled for approval, and rearrange them if necessary.
  • Add visual reminders for holidays you want to celebrate on social media like #WorldMentalHealthDay.
  • Add "notes" as draft posts to mark a start of a campaign or deadlines.

What's new? 

One of the top feature requests on our Feedback Portal was the ability to show draft posts and posts sent for approval on the calendar view to show clients what is planned for the upcoming few months. 📝

drafts-calendar-v2These posts are now viewable on the calendar, along with the times they are scheduled to go out, and any content that has already been added to them!

Users are also able to edit the draft post from the convenient calendar view once they have sign-off from their client. ✅

Just like with scheduled posts, you can drag and drop draft posts in the calendar, should you want to rearrange the dates - making collaboration a breeze! 😅

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Any limitations?

At present, when you view Queues in the calendar, draft posts with no date or time will not appear in the calendar. This is something we will be looking into as well as the ability to see scheduled and queued messages in one calendar view.

>> Did you know? We've also released the ability to publish animated GIFs to Facebook through Sendible! 👏