Sendible dashboard updates

Cecilia Haynes Cecilia Haynes

We're updating the layout of our dashboard to make it more intuitive. This is a significant step in our journey to modernise Sendible and align our platform with our updated branding!

As we work towards aligning Sendible to the future of where we plan to grow, we’re beginning to roll out a series of dashboard changes that will: 

  1. Make it easier to focus on specific tasks at a time, like scheduling content or monitoring community engagement.
  2. Allow new users to hit the ground running even faster.
  3. Help our customers find even more value from robust features that they might have missed.

This will be a phased approach so keep reading to see what’s coming up first on the docket or watch this short overview video below:



👀 Changes to keep an eye out for

  • [Publish] All of our publishing features, including the calendar, queues, undelivered messages (previously known as 'bounced posts'), tasks, and drafts now have their own distinct section separate from incoming comments, replies, and DMs.
  • [Activity] Community management and audience engagement features like the Priority Inbox and social feeds (previously known as 'Streams') now have their own distinct navigation section.


  • [My tasks] Tasks assigned to others, yourself, or that are already done have now been consolidated into a single view where you can toggle between the three options.
  • [Reports] Reports are now clearly marked in the dashboard, making it much easier to navigate to and explore for new trialists and users.
  • [RSS feeds] Previously, RSS feeds were just ambiguously named “feeds”, so we’ve fixed this potential point of confusion.
  • [Calendar] The calendar is now the default landing page when logging into Sendible.


Any questions or requests?

We know dashboard changes aren’t always the *most* exciting announcements, but these changes will lay the foundations for us to be able to add even more innovative features like our recent launch of selectable thumbnails for Facebook and Instagram. 🎉

If you have any questions about this phase of our makeover or are interested in seeing what else is coming down the pipeline, please reach out to us here or leave a request in our Feedback Portal.

We'll keep you posted as we continue to modernise our dashboard!

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