[VIDEO] Sendible Snapshot: How to add a Pinterest account

Update: Pinterest is currently not available on Sendible.

After working closely with Pinterest, we were informed that they no longer consider themselves a social network and do not wish for their platform to be a place for marketers and publishers to distribute their content.

Instead, they want their platform to deliver a rich, personal experience for their users, enabling them to easily curate and source useful content related to their interests. You can read more about their mission here.

We are now working closely with Pinterest to improve the Sendible experience so that it more closely resembles the experience you would find on Pinterest.


To help you continue with your social media management, here we show you how to add a Pinterest service to your Sendible account. Once you select Services you find Pinterest listed, click Add.

In Settings please provide a description for your service and the URL of the board you wish to post.

Of course you need the e-mail address and password of your Pinterest account.

When finished Save Settings and find the service available to post with just one click away using the Compose Message box.




Manal Bouchacra

Manal Bouchacra

Manal is interested in social media and is working on her creative writing skills. Outside of work she enjoys the gym and hanging out with friends and family.


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