Streamline your tasks with our Twitter Audit Checklist

tickbox Audit a brand's Twitter activity in six steps:

  • Step 1: Goals and KPIs - Set the stage for Twitter domination by defining your objectives and key performance indicators. It's time to aim high and track your success.
  • Step 2: Account Setup and Profile Optimization - Polish your Twitter presence until it shines! From profile tweaks to optimization wizardry, let's make sure your account is a magnet for followers.
  • Step 3: Follower Growth and Audience Engagement - Get ready to rock the Twitterverse! Boost your follower count and captivate your audience with engaging content that leaves them begging for more.
  • Step 4: Content Strategy and Quality - Quality content is king! Craft a killer content strategy, master the art of tweet perfection, and watch your brand's influence skyrocket.
  • Step 5: Content Amplification - It's time to turn up the volume! Amplify your content's reach, tap into trending topics, and unleash the power of viral-worthy tweets.
  • Step 6: Lead Generation - Ready to turn tweets into leads? Unlock the secrets of lead generation on Twitter and transform your followers into loyal customers.

tickbox Create an action plan and set priorities for the future

tickbox Write the audit summary to highlight your findings and suggestions