Preview Your Social Media Posts for LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram

Katey Gold Katey Gold

💪 We have officially released Post Preview's for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. 💪

After the successful Facebook Post Preview launch, we can confirm that we have now released Post Previews for LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. 

If you've had the chance to use the Facebook Post Preview feature, you will know how useful it is to see how your messages will look on social media to ensure you always publish top quality content. This feature makes it easier for you to personalise text, find the right text length and make sure your pictures look as dazzling as intended!

What we did: 📣 

Just like the Facebook Post Preview, when composing messages to LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, you can now preview how your posts are going to look before you post them. We have added a new icon to the Compose Box to launch a Post Preview modal when clicked. The new Post Preview feature accurately renders a preview of the post before it is published, allowing you to easily amend the post according to how you want it to look, you can adjust any text or CTA to make sure it's above the "see more" fold.