Prevent Disruptions With Reconnection Alerts

Cecilia Haynes Cecilia Haynes

To help prevent bounced posts due to disconnected profiles, say hello to the new proactive reconnection alert emails! 💬

Awareness of potential issues blocking your posts from publishing is key to trusting a social media management platform.   

To that end, we've just launched a way for you to get notified as soon as a social media account disconnects so you can take action before your posts have a chance to bounce

Now, whenever one of your social media profiles becomes disconnected and needs to be reconnected before a post goes out, all the admins under your account will receive an email alert. 🎉


Proactive reconnection alerts at-a-glance


  1. Whenever we detect that one of your profiles has become disconnected, all admins under your account will be sent an email alert.
  2. In the email alert, we share how many scheduled and queued posts are at risk of bouncing unless you reconnect.
  3. Not the right person to contact? You can always share the request to reconnect by right clicking on the Reconnect button to copy the link address and forwarding it to someone else.
  4. Each email contains instructions for how to correctly reconnect to each social media platform.
  5. Once a profile has been successfully reconnected, all admins under your account will get a confirmation email.
  6. Did someone already beat you to the punch? You'll be able to see if a profile has already been reconnected by a fellow admin, teammate, or client.



You can also share a link directly to a standalone reconnection page by clicking on the copy icon on your Services page in your dashboard.


Any questions?

Our goal is to empower you to manage your social media with as much transparency, reliability, and consistency as possible. 

We're always looking for new ways to make the biggest impact to improve your experience, so if you have any questions or requests, just reach out to us here