Instagram First Comment ✏️

Katey Gold Katey Gold

Automatically post the 'First Comment' on your Instagram posts with Sendible and increase audience engagement using hashtags.

We consulted our Feedback Portal, and we're pleased to announce that the highly requested 'First Comment' feature for Instagram is now live. 🙌

When composing posts to Instagram Business accounts using Sendible, you will be able to add a 'First Comment' to be automatically published on Instagram along with your images and captions. 📈


What are the benefits of automatically adding a 'First Comment' to Instagram posts? 🤔

Instagram users search hashtags to discover new images and accounts that they might be interested in. So it can be an important part of your strategy to use brand appropriate hashtags to help you increase the reach of your content as well as engage new audience members. #️⃣ 

Finding where to add your hashtags is a different story. It has become increasingly popular to post images to Instagram with clean, descriptive captions - users don't want their message to be lost amongst the clutter of hashtags. That's where experimenting with hashtags in the first comment of the Instagram post comes into play. This way, hashtags won't distract from the caption, but will still allow your content to be searchable so that you can improve your visibility. 👀

Now that this feature is officially live, we would love to hear your feedback! 🗣

Also we invite you to keep adding ideas and feature requests to the Feedback Portal, we want to know what you're excited to see next. 🏆

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