Add alt text to your Facebook image posts directly in Sendible! πŸš€

Mysha Didi Mysha Didi

You can now add alternative text (also known as alt text) to your Facebook image posts directly in Sendible! πŸŽ‰

This is a significant step in enabling marketers to ensure that the content they deliver to social media is accessible. With this new update, you won’t have to leave Sendible to add alt text to any of your Facebook posts that include images. πŸ™Œ

🧐 Why you should use alt text

πŸ”Ž Improved SEO: Adding relevant descriptions allows for the images to be pulled up when users search for content on platforms like Facebook.

🎯 Reach a larger audience: Alt text gives a better context of the images you post to visually impaired users as they can be read by screen readers. As a result of being more inclusive, you’re able to reach an audience that may not have been able to consume your content previously.

With our new feature, you’ll no longer have to hop out of Sendible to add the alt text to your Facebook post images, as you can easily do so while scheduling the post.

πŸ’‘How does it work on Sendible?

  1. Upload a still image in the Compose Box for your Facebook page profile.
    1. πŸ’‘ Tip: Once you've opened up attachments, click on the Search tab to use royalty-free images from Pexels. 
  1. Click the pencil icon on the uploaded image to open up the built-in image editor.
  2. Click EDIT ALT TEXT on the bottom right hand corner to enter your Alt text.
  3. Once you hit Save on the Alt text pop up and the image editor, you're all set!

Walkthrough of alt text for Facebook on Sendible

πŸ€“ Important things to note

  • You have a 200 character limit, so make sure that your alt text is concise and relevant.
  • Sendible currently only supports alt text for Facebook images, but stay tuned as alt text for Twitter and LinkedIn will be here soon!

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