Feature breakdown.





Key Features


If you need to add more profiles, you'll receive 6-7 new profiles for every user added depending on your plan since the two are bundled.



The total number of users who have access to Sendible. Each user has their own dashboard including clients, and you can add more users if needed.


Direct posting to social networks

Auto-post directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, LinkedIn, and more. 

Engage & reply to comments

Available for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Quick reports

Every Sendible plan comes with useful, pre-built reports including Google Analytics, so you can showcase your campaign successes.

iOS and Android apps

Compose messages on the go.

Cloud integrations

Pull in images from Google Drive or Dropbox.

Supported Social Networks


Publish photos or videos, Reels, and image carousel posts directly to Instagram Business Profiles. Monitor comments in real-time, schedule reminders for Stories and video carousel posts with in-app notifications, and retrieve analytics.


Publish photos or videos directly to Facebook Pages and Groups, reply to comments on your posts and ads, and retrieve analytics.


Schedule Tweets, and reply to @mentions, comments, and direct messages. Plus, access Twitter Lists and retrieve analytics.


Schedule posts to LinkedIn profiles and Company Pages, respond to comments on Pages, and analyze your content performance with reports.

Google My Business

Schedule updates to auto-post to Google My Business (GMB) listings. Some restrictions may apply to franchises with many locations.


Schedule videos, view analytics, and reply to comments on your YouTube account.


Post blog updates to WordPress.

Scheduling & Posting

Directly post images and videos

Auto-post content to each social network, no push notifications needed.

Tailor posts for each platform

Customise copy, tags, hashtags, and visuals for each of the key social media networks in one view.

Post previews

Preview posts before they go live. Available for: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram.

Calendar view

Visually plan out your content calendar, drag and drop posts, and filter posts by user. You can also export and print the calendar as a PDF.

Tagging profiles in posts

Available for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Company Pages.

Instagram first comment

Automatically schedule the first comment to go out with every post, plus we’ll keep count of your hashtags for you so you don’t exceed the limit.

Instagram geotags

Maximise organic reach and engagement by adding geotags to every Instagram post.

Instagram Stories

Plan and schedule reminders for your posts. Then post to Instagram via mobile push notifications.

Instagram Reels & carousel posts

Auto-publish Reels and image carousels to Instagram. Plan and schedule reminders for carousels with video or mixed media and then post to Instagram via mobile push notifications.

Built-in image editor

Crop images to suit each social media platform's requirements and add filters, text, and stickers.

Canva integration

Create new graphics from within your Sendible dashboard to schedule to your social media channels.

Daily posting limit per user

While you can schedule as many posts as you need in advance, this refers to the limit for posts being published per day per user in order to comply with guidelines outlined by social sites.

100 sends per day
200 sends per day
300 sends per day
500 sends per day

Post validation

We'll guide you on how to optimise your visual content to avoid posts from not successfully posting due to issues with formatting.

Bulk scheduler & CSV uploads

Schedule campaigns weeks or months in advance with our bulk scheduler.

Smart queues

Post content on pre-set schedules for your audience and group content campaigns around promotions.

10 per plan
30 per plan
70 per plan
120 per plan

Repeated content

Recycle your evergreen content by setting up repeating posts with a start and end date.

Add assets to content libraries

Save content to use in the future (like most-used hashtags) or post across multiple teams and dashboards.

Bitly Branded Links

Connect your paid Bitly account and shorten links with your custom domain to build more brand awareness and trust.

Custom tags & fields

Ideal for franchises and multinational businesses, you can tailor content for each location.

UTM parameters

Include custom UTM parameters to track your campaigns.

Sourcing Content

Content suggestions

Browse through popular topics and source filler content for your social media accounts.

RSS/Blog feeds

Follow blogs from within the Sendible dashboard and source content by setting up RSS feeds.

RSS Auto-poster

Auto-post new articles from RSS feeds as soon as they’re published.

Google Alerts

Bring your Google Alerts straight into Sendible by setting up your keyword monitoring.

Social Media Holiday Calendar

Get inspired by 240+ events that you can share or schedule in Sendible with just one click.

Attach images from URL

Fetch images from a URL to include with each of your posts.

Find Creative Commons images

Find images or GIFs on Pexels, GIPHY, and Flickr that are available for licence-free sharing to the public.

Google Drive integration

Easily attach images from your Google Drive.

Dropbox integration

Easily attach images from your Dropbox account.

Collaborate with Teams

Dashboard available in different languages

The Sendible dashboard is available in English, Swedish, Chinese, German, Greek, Russian, Spanish, French, Persian, Dutch, Polish, Thai, Arabic, Czech, Japanese, Slovak, Italian, and Hebrew.

Client dashboards

Ideal for agencies, client users will only ever have access to their own dashboards to be able to preview and approve content.

Assign posts for approval

Send posts to another user in your account to be approved before they go live.

Custom approval workflows

Automate your approval workflows and restrict users to requiring approval on any post they schedule (ideal for junior team members and interns).

Permission groups

Set up comprehensive team collaboration systems and customise access to each user's dashboard and publishing abilities.

Engaging & Replying

Priority Inbox

Aggregated overview of all of your social media engagement alerts that are likely to need a response. The Priority Inbox is periodically updated so for real-time comments and direct messages, explore individual streams.

Real-time comment monitoring & replies

Streams will pull in comments in real-time for Facebook Pages, Groups, and Ads, Twitter, and LinkedIn Company Pages, which you can reply to from your dashboard.

Real-time comment monitoring for Instagram

Monitor comments on your Instagram Business Profiles and reply from your Instagram account.

Reply to Facebook Ad comments

Monitor your Facebook Ad comments and reply to them from your Sendible dashboard.

Set up keyword searches

Save keywords that you regularly track on Twitter to quickly search for relevant conversations.

Analytics & Reporting

Quick reports including GA

Get actionable insights from 8 pre-built reports including a Google Analytics (GA) report and the Engagement report. The latter provides an overview of the performance of social media channels connected to each account. Metrics include audience growth, optimal posting times, engaged users, and top content.

Build custom reports

Use our report builder to create custom reports for your team or clients, including adding custom branding on the cover page. Number of reports listed is per user.

2 per user
3 per user

Save & share reports in PDF format

Save your reports as a PDF or print them for your team or clients.

Automatically emailed reports

Set up custom reports to be regularly emailed to your team or clients.

Live report sharing

Share a live link to your custom reports.

Support & Training

Average email response time (business hours)

No bots here, always reach a real person ready to help you.

6 hrs
5 hrs
5 hrs
4 hrs

Live chat hours

Our team is here when you have urgent queries. Get in touch with us via live chat on our Help Desk.

8am - 8pm GMT
8am - 8pm GMT
8am - 8pm GMT
8am - 8pm GMT

Group training sessions

Bring your questions to our regular live training sessions where we cover all that Sendible has to offer in-depth.

Customer success onboarding & training

Get set up for success right from the start.

Dedicated customer success manager

Make sure your social media strategy stays on track with one of our customer success heroes.

1:1 demo

Have your questions answered 1:1 in a personalised demo by a sales team member.