A White Label Social Media Management Tool to Call "Your Own"

It's time to make your agency stand out

How can your digital agency stand out in an increasingly overcrowded market?

Well, the massive growth in social media provides the potential for a substantial new revenue stream. It provides you with up-selling opportunities with your existing clients, and also helps with customer retention and attracting new clients.

Adding social media management to your portfolio sounds great - but how do you simplify this time-consuming and resource heavy service?

An easy option it to integrate a social media management tool, but you risk your clients going direct to the supplier and cutting you and your costs out of the loop?

What you need is a sophisticated social media management tool with your own branding on it - a white label solution!


Impress your clients with a white label solution

Sendible's White Label dashboardThe Sendible white label solution allows you to present your agency as an established player within the social media management industry. It looks like it's your own software, because we customize everything to your branding, from the user interface and web domain to the system-generated email notifications.


Seamless client interaction

We give you a control panel where you can administer your site. Users can log in to your white label site themselves and view reports, send social media posts, track mentions and more.

Our intuitive user interface allows you to manage a wide range of clients via a single dashboard. And we help you manage all the main social media networks. Restrict permissions, build hierarchies and workflows, enable send for approval and the ability to assign tasks to team members and clients. Have full control over your team and clients on one platform.

Team management and workflows on Sendible


Secure social media login sharing

Sometimes it’s a challenge to get your clients to hand over their social media profile login details. Our 'Client Connect' feature that enables agencies to easily add clients’ social media accounts without the need to access client login details directly.

Client Connect - Secure login sharing with Sendible


Unique social media automation

Our social media automation apps will give you the edge over your competitors:

  • Instagram Auto like & follow
  • Facebook comment moderator


Design and creating content

Are your clients struggling for time to design eye-catching content? The Sendible White Label has a full design suite integrated, with pre-designed templates for your favorite social networks which you can personalize. You can even schedule your Facebook cover photos to change for your clients, so all the time-consuming work has been done for you. We also offer our content creation service that allows you to order high-quality blogs for your clients.


Additional revenue through re-selling

Not only can you take advantage of these features when managing your clients, you can even resell your own re-branded version of Sendible to your clients. Your brand identity is maintained without sacrificing any functionality


Vishal Pindoriya

Vishal Pindoriya

Vishal Pindoriya is a social media enthusiast, strategist and writer. He lives in London, England and is particularly interested in the proliferation of social media around the world.


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