The Key to Social Media Marketing for the 2014 Holiday Shopping Season

Marketing software platform Offerpop recently released its research report “Top Holiday Marketing Trends for 2014” that showed marketers are using social media for more than just getting more fans. Social media is now integral to driving sales and extending brand reach during the holiday retail season. Facebook is where survey respondents said they plan to spend most of their holiday social marketing budgets. Offerpop’s vice president of marketing Kevin Bobowski says marketers will be most active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram this holiday season. Here's how to implement a winning social media marketing strategy.

Social Marketing Spending for 2014

Big retailers like Walmart capitalize on holiday shopping season opportunities all year by offering sales tagged to Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The 2014 Holiday Retail Audit, commissioned by eBay and released in late September, showed that retailers are spending on pricing, marketing, and customer service this holiday season.

Protecting customer data is a priority and retailers are planning to use a commitment to customer privacy as a way to expand their brand reach.

In spite of the proliferation of handheld and mobile technology, retailers aren’t investing in mobile marketing for this holiday season as much as in the biggest social platforms starting with Facebook. eBay Enterprise senior vice president Mark Lavelle says that will give competitive advantages to those retailers who do invest in mobile optimization for this holiday season.

Measuring Social Media Marketing Success

BlendTec knows exactly how to measure social media marketing success. The blender manufacturer has a huge presence on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter focused on creating buzz that translates into sales. The way they measure that is clicks from their social media pages to They also measure how many customers who click through to their website from social media actually buy something and how many use coupons from their social media networks.

Measure your own holiday social media marketing success with Sendible. The Sendible social media software management platform allows smart marketers to engage, monitor, grow and measure all elements of a social media marketing strategy. The software platform has helped industry greats like Amazon, Zynga and BBC Worldwide better manager their social media and social networks. So, what's stopping you from giving it a try?

Big Winners from Last Year’s Holiday Season

Portland, Oregon social media marketing consultancy Postano named the 13 best social media campaigns of 2013, choosing the most innovative and effective campaigns that forged new best practices. Among those baker’s dozen were Dove’s Real Beauty campaign, Kmart’s Ship My Pants ad, and Lay’s Do Us a Flavor campaign. These three social media super-innovators saw engagement numbers in the millions and exponentially extended their brands.

Dove’s campaign produced the most viral video of all time and third most shared ad of all time. Kmart’s video was the fourth most popular ad of the year, watched over 20 million times and shared over three million times just on Facebook. Lay’s campaign to get ideas for new potato chip flavors resulted in a 12 percent increase in sales by offering a $1 million prize for the winning flavor, which was cheesy garlic bread. Lay’s also cut right through its research and development expense and time and ended up with three brand-new products.

Vishal Pindoriya

Vishal Pindoriya

Vishal Pindoriya is a social media enthusiast, strategist and writer. He lives in London, England and is particularly interested in the proliferation of social media around the world.


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