21 Common Mistakes on Twitter to Avoid

With no edit button, Twitter easily lends itself to human error. Check these common mistakes on Twitter to avoid making your own.

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Twitter for Business: The Main Rules of Engagement

So, you have decided to use Twitter for business. Learn what it takes to succeed on this network and its three main rules of engagement.

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Twitter Character Limit No Longer Counts Attachments

All attachments no longer count towards the iconic Twitter character limit of 140 characters. It’s a new day for this social network & businesses alike.

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Feature Focus: Uploading Social Media Videos With Sendible

Video content is getting big on social. Here's a guide on how to upload social media videos to Facebook, Twitter and other networks with Sendible.

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3 Awkward Social Media Fails in 2015

Social media fails are fun, but when done by established brands, the audience tends to be less forgiving. Here are the 3 social media mistakes to avoid.

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[Webinar] Find out who your real social media influencers are with Sendible and Majestic

Find out who the real social media influencers on Twitter are and learn how to share your content for maximum reach and social influence

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10,000 characters on #Twitter? Edit button first Jack.

10,000 characters on #Twitter? Edit button first Jack.

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