Did you know that if Facebook is a country, it would be the 3rd largest worldwide? Now, that’s an opportunity every social media marketer must seize. Nonetheless, if you are not sure how things have and will change this year, here’s making sense of your digital marketing for 2015. The premise is that brands with no social media channels whatsoever are doing disservice to its name itself, not just the general public.

#1 Build a community

The importance of building your brand around a community cannot be emphasized enough. If you are still basing your social reputation based on the number of likes, shares, followers, etc., think again. Indeed, having 20,000 Twitter followers is remarkable. The question is: how many of them are actually engaged with your brand? Do they pay attention to your contents? Do you even visit their profiles?

Inject humor and personality to your brand. Put simply, don’t flood their feeds with brand and product and service-related posts. One word: socialize. Adjust your messages accordingly by knowing who your target audience really is and which platform they penetrate the most. Be relatable and don’t push your consumers to alienate your brand.

Converse directly with your followers. Don’t wait for them to start the conversation. Publish posts as if you are talking to your consumers in person. Devise unique ways of getting your audience to interact with the brand.

#2 Create a movement

Your brand need not be on every social media; that’s such a mediocre strategy. Be on social media sites that are relevant to your core business. While on it, don’t just create social media campaigns for the sake of creating them. Run the campaign across your social platforms. Synergize.

More specifically, make your campaigns inspirational, emotional and even charitable, if possible, but be discreet about it as your followers may deem the process – using charitable efforts for marketing purposes – as morally corrupt. Adding the human element spurs the people to contribute and get involved.

Most of the times, the campaign need not have a charity angle to it. Motivating other people by sharing motivational quotes and stories is more than enough. For instance, consider sharing the testimonials of your happiest customers.

Own your movement by introducing hashtags unique to that campaign. Part of creating a campaign that sticks to the mind of your users is by making it actionable. For instance, encourage followers or subscribers to post their photos and the chosen one will be rewarded. Any actionable idea that resonates with your audience is possible. Offer exciting and claim-worthy rewards. It is easier to spread the word across various channels if the hashtags have a recall, too. You can also test out some hashtags.

#3 Share trends

There is nothing wrong with riding the popularity of other more viral contents. Aside from posting promotional contents, it is a must to share other contents that your targets will find useful and entertaining. Be mindful of what you share though because you might be sharing culturally sensitive information that others might find offensive.

Look for share-worthy contents on other social platforms especially on YouTube. Share and re-share, but make sure that you put your own spin to it. Post a comment along with the share. News sites are also great sources of shareable stories. Try to look for news that your audience gravitate towards. Offer your perspective upon sharing the story.

Be part of the conversation surrounding these trending topics. However, don’t be a part of every trend; choose only those that resonate with your brand.

Be engaging if you want your audience to engage with your brand. You cannot expect your followers to interact with your brand when there are no reasons to do so. Build, share, inspire and join conversations happening on social media regardless of which social media platforms you use.

About Author : Jeric is a Filipino blogger and an online marketing enthusiast. Currently working at Optimind Technology Solutions, a digital marketing agency in the Philippines that provides different services including SEO, web design, social media marketing, mobile app development and much more.

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