Being able to work when you're on the go is a beautiful thing. Today's workforce is more mobile than ever before, and if you work in some sort of internet-based business - like a social media manager, for instance - your smartphone and tablet make your mobility even more amazing.

Using a powerful social media management solution like Sendible makes everything about your online marketing and social media management incredibly easy and efficient by bringing so many different sites and tools together into one place. But all that power and efficiency goes right out the window if you don't have access to it when you're away from your computer. After all, your followers and potential clients don't base their social activity on your schedule.

Power in Your Pocket (or Purse)

The Sendible mobile app for iOS and Android lets you take that power with you when you need (or just want) to be away from your desk. Just because you decided that the park was calling your name on some bright and beautiful day doesn't mean that you can't still take care of the things that need to be taken care of.

Often, your best ideas for your clients hit you when you're out and about. If you need to post those ideas socially, you have two options: actually make a note that you'll have to flesh out or post later when you get back to your computer, or just open the Sendible app on your phone and schedule it while it's still fresh on your mind. Save the post as a draft if you still need to flesh it out more later, and it will be waiting when you get back to your laptop.

More importantly, you can respond to mentions and questions from your clients' followers (or your own) right away. They feel more important, which builds their loyalty with your client, which in turn builds your client's trust and confidence in you. Switching between team member accounts and client accounts is as simple as choosing which social network you want to view or post to.

Vigilant Monitoring

One of the primary reasons to monitor your brand apart from discovering new leads is reputation management. When a slanderous or otherwise harmful comment or review of your product or brand is posted online, every single minute counts in repairing your good name. The longer the comment sits online unaddressed, the more people will see it (unaddressed), and the more your reputation is harmed.

Using the Sendible mobile app and the monitoring features, you can be alerted in real time via pushed alerts whenever your brand or other relevant keywords are mentioned. Returning home or to the office after hours - or God forbid days - away, to find a scathing comment or review posted can bring heartburn like little else is capable of. Our mobile app will alert you as soon as the detrimental post or comment is made, allowing you to move into damage control mode even if you are watching the sunset from a hillside or enjoying a dinner with friends.

Because the Priority Inbox feature is in the mobile app as well, there's no jumping around between different streams to see and respond to your mentions and comments. Everything is gathered into a single stream containing all the most important engagement from every one of your various social channels, saving time and effort.

Get Analytical

Measuring your reach is yet another task that shouldn't restrain you to the confines of a desk and monitor. Our mobile app gives you reports on followers, likes, comments, posts, and shares, as well as giving you statistics on individual posts you've made. Trending topics on Twitter and Facebook as well as the ability to search for keywords are all in one easy to use panel.

You can also access information on the people you're engaging with. Their profile, stream, and more can be seen by simply touching their profile picture and swiping through the information.

Taking your work with you was once considered a punishment of sorts. That's because it came after already spending what many considered too much time locked in an office building. With the flexibility that a mobile app like this one provides in our increasingly mobile world, taking your work with you is viewed as freedom - especially when you love what you do and you set your own hours. Going to the park or the beach doesn't have to be an escape from a dreadful work environment any more. For many, it's now a trip to the office. And that's a beautiful thing.

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Luke Knight

Luke Knight

I’ve worked in marketing roles within the technology industry for over 10 years. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, socialising, watching live music, exploring London and attempting to hit the gym.


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