Please note that automation apps for Twitter will no longer be available on Sendible from March 20, 2018.

In light of Twitter's Automation Policy enforcements, Sendible's Twitter Auto Reply and Twitter Auto Retweet apps will be removed.

Twitter is only enforcing these rules in order to provide a better experience for everyone using their social media network and with that, there are new Twitter best practices to follow.

If you are a Sendible customer and would like to know more, refer to our Twitter Bulk Scheduling FAQ to guide you through this change.


Discontinued automation apps for Twitter

Twitter Auto Replies (Discontinued)

Twitter is all about what’s happening right now, meaning that you need to be active to stay current. But the world doesn’t stop when you log out, and neither does the conversation. Our Twitter Auto Replies feature helps you interact using automatic responses to tweets that match your chosen criteria, be it a #hashtag or a phrase. Interacting promptly means that you won’t miss out on potential leads.

For example, when running our independent event with Social Media Week London, we set up an auto-reply based on the #SMWLDN hashtag which is both relevant and location-based. As a result, we raised awareness about our event to our elite audience - marketers and influencers. We also delighted those who couldn’t attend the main event, since one of our sessions is accessible online and is completely free.


Twitter Auto Retweets (Discontinued)

Got a brand-specific hashtag, running a competition or an event? Then be quick to retweet every single mention, or better yet, let Sendible take care of it for you! The Twitter Auto Retweets feature is an effective way of increasing your engagement on a massive scale. It enables you to automatically retweet relevant messages matching your own specific criteria based on keywords and profile names.

It is ideal for highlighting entries to contests or raising awareness for specific causes or subjects. Let’s say you are an up and coming coffee shop that wants to spread all the good coffee can bring to one’s life. You can choose to retweet messages with keywords like “coffee” or full phrases like “I love coffee”. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to retweet messages by your competitors, so you would exclude “Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Seattle's best coffee”, as well as their @account names. To stay on-topic, you would probably also exclude irrelevant keywords, e.g. “face scrub”.


Twitter Welcome Messages (Discontinued)

This feature used to allow you to automatically welcome each new follower. But since the new update to the Twitter User Guidelines, it was discontinued in October 2017. You could send messages privately (via DM) or publicly (@ mentioning them). It gives you the opportunity to show your followers how much you value them, and also how you can help them.



Twitter Auto Follow (Discontinued)

We used to also have a Twitter Auto Follow feature that enabled you to automatically follow people based on campaign hashtags, keywords and location.

Unfortunately, because of misuse by a few bad apples, Twitter has been forced to restrict access to this service for all third-party apps, so it is no longer available on Sendible.

Thankfully, there are a few ways around this. Firstly, you can search by topic in the Content Suggestions section on your dashboard and search by Influencer, instead of Articles. Secondly, you can find new accounts to follow by setting up a Twitter Profile search, and then manually follow the most relevant ones (e.g. if you are looking to sell a project management tool, you could search for ‘project managers’). Finally, you could set up either of our Twitter automation apps and choose to "Auto Follow" the customers you interact with. This will let you follow those who match your criteria and you have engaged with - be it a welcome message, retweet or public reply.


Twitter Auto Unfollow (Discontinued)

For the same reasons, we are no longer able to offer the Twitter Auto Unfollow feature. This service helped to keep a balance between the number of the people you follow and those who choose to follow you back. Not to worry though, there are a quite a few tools out there to help you manage your Twitter followers on mass, e.g. Crowdfire. The ability to unfollow accounts that are inactive is important, so give their tool a try.

Veronika Baranovska

Veronika Baranovska

Resident marketer at Sendible. Into social media and blogging for more than six years and well-versed in all digital marketing channels. My biggest daily driver is creating useful content that helps others grow and saves their time, so if it does for you, let me know on Twitter or Linkedin!


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