How To Find Your Social Media Marketing Voice In The Legal Industry

The stigma of social media in the legal industry has been generally subsiding, as law firms are slowly becoming aware of value of an effective presence in social media and the digital arena. However, due to the relative novelty of social media marketing in this industry, law firms are struggling to build a connection with their customers.

This article will provide one of the most important ways to build a strong connection: finding your social media marketing voice. But before we get into it, what is this so called marketing voice?

Your voice is essentially the “personality” of your brand – is it personal, professional or lively? It is made up of all the ways you could possibility interact with your customers: the colours you choose, the images you put up, the things you “like” and “share” and the articles you publish. As such, when finding your voice, there are many things you will be required to consider.

1) Who are your customers?

Your customer should be the foremost consideration in any marketing strategy and finding your social media voice is no exception. You need to ask yourself – who are your customers? What are their needs? What do they value?

For example, if your business primarily specialises in commercial or corporate law, your customers will primarily be business men or women who value professionalism, efficiency and competence. In this scenario, your social media voice needs to capture these values. Possible ways may involve publishing informative articles or commenting on recent legislative changes.

On the other hand, if your business specialises in compensation law, your customers will primarily be injured workers who value compassion and patience. Thus, it would be more appropriate to share success stories of previous clients and use warmer colours to shape your voice.

2) What does your company stand for?

The values of your company should also shape your social media marketing voice. Pick a list of 3-5 words that you think best define the culture and values in your company. For example, Herbert Smith Freehills defines its values as “teamwork, commitment, integrity, courtesy and respect”.

These values may translate to images or events hosted through social media, and help customers better understand your marketing message. The end of effect will increase your brand image, brand coherence and brand equity.

3) If your brand was a person, who would it be?

Conceptualising your brand as a person is an extremely helpful exercise to find your social media voice. This is because your voice is literally the mouthpiece to the personality of your brand. The character you choose can be real, fictional, famous or even entirely ordinary. For example, if you are marketing a corporate law firm, Harvey Spectre might be a good persona. The persona conveys confidence, intelligence and a touch of street-smarts.

4) Be open, authentic and consistent.

Don’t try and force a voice onto your brand. Your social media marketing will seem inauthentic, fake and lose its effectiveness. For example, if your company culture is very serious, professional and to the point, it may be better to focus on your professionalism in social media rather than using informal and colloquial tones.  It may be helpful to survey your existing customers and staff to see how they perceive your company.


Finding your social media marketing voice is essential to success in the online marketing space. It will help you build brand loyalty as well as a strong connection to your customers. There are a variety of methods in finding your voice and hopefully this article has steered you in the right direction.


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