Employee Personal Branding & Company Branding together Thrive & Create Evergreen Marketing Equity

Brands that have survived time such as Rolls Royce, Queen Elizabeth, Rolex, Harrow, Eaton have proven to be valuable stamps of approval for employees or students whilst Bill Gates, Matt Cutts & Richard Branson have lent their Brands to the companies they have created. Both entities offer similar power, and this is the two way street that can occur via combing Employee Branding and Company Branding to thrive and create Evergreen Marketing Equity.

 “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein

Take a look at what Sendible a social media management tool based in London are doing each employee now has his or her own Employee Personally Branded Twitter account allowing for further marketing reach and H2H (Human to Human) communication. This is great, it means you can strike up a conversation with one of their brilliant people and form a relationship, so important, trust is formed and this person becomes a part of your circle, this person is one of your people that you talk about, tell people about what they do and are proud to know.

Anyone who has ever worked with or for great Companies or People has felt privileged and carried the stamp of their employment/engagement as a qualification into their future.

Private schools and top rate universities, provide a situation where the students are both clients and semi- employees and this is exactly the same as in business. When a student leaves the institution in many cases it has been an honour to have attended and the stamp of the institution remains with the student throughout their careers. Perhaps not all institutions can boast this but certainly the best i.e. Oxford University, Cambridge, Stanford & Harvard to name a few.

The relationship between student and institution is interchangeable and reversible and this should occur within the working world too. A student is proud to carry the stamp of Harvard attached to his/her resume and Harvard is indeed very proud of many of their students. It is a two way street. At this stage both student and institution have changed and been shaped and each of the individual brands have grown and matured.

A similar set of circumstances should happen within commerce.

Statistics tells us that most people will switch companies every three years and experience 15 different companies within their working lives.

The role of a Personal Brand/Employee Brand encompasses this phenomenon and insures it and may well enhance the process, the trick here is to ensure that each working experience both for the employer and employee is positive. Therefore individually both will be happy to showcase the fact that the individual played a part in the achievements of the company and the employee will boast that he/she was involved in the growth/change of the company. This  evergreen marketing continues along with each of the brands as both grow in the directions chosen.

It is as if another graduation has taken place and both have come away from the experience of knowing each other with another badge, a qualification of having passed through time on a journey that served each, almost like a role of honour.

I am sure you have read resumes and been impressed by candidates illustrating previous work experience naming companies such as ‘Google’ ‘Apple’ ‘Zappos’ ‘Microsoft’. This should be a two Way Street where the companies are proud to say their employee changed or improved a certain area of their company. This illustrates that the business is prepared to grow and learn, to experiment and listen and values the input of talented individuals.

Approaching Personal Branding in this way there are tremendous benefits for all concerned and further reason to incorporate Employee Personal Branding into the marketing and communication mix of the company.  The individual  as well as the concern is showcased and linked to the individual Personal Brand websites that act as satellites to the main company site a by product are the SEO advantages and further Company reach.

For those of you that are nervous about Branding Yourselves – don’t be you are already branded as a brand is simply a description of you. Comprising of your history, your experiences, your beliefs, your circles, your energy. Your brand originates with your first ‘Fischer Price toy’ Lego set’ Meccano creation or play dough, to boy scouts, horse-riding, camping, painting, ballet dancing, Nintendo, rock/rave concerts, Facebook page, graduation etc.

“Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential.” – John Maxwell

Personally Branded Employees together with Company Branding provides the magic behind H2H(human to human) communication the fuel for Big Company success and the future of Evergreen Marketing Equity.



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