Every day there seems to be a new controversy over somebody or some company posting something they shouldn't on their social media account. Not only that but it’s possible for some who holds a grudge to post anything they like about you or your brand on-line. Its time you take control of your on-line reputation management before it’s too late.

Whether you are an individual seeking a job, an unhappy sports star just left out of the team or a business selling products or services and looking for potential clients you should try have some sort of filter on what gets posted on your social networks. Not only that but its also very important to monitor what being said about, you, your brand and your competitors on-line  It used to be that you could choose what goes public about your or your company by posting, publishing or sharing it yourself. Today, with the rise of social media and the ease of setting up blogs and web sites, anyone who wants to can damage your on-line reputation in a matter of seconds. Search engines are not interested in whether information is true or false, they are only interested in content and popularity. Damaging, incorrect and embarrassing information can quickly leap to the top of a Google search.


So we at Sendible have come up with 5 steps to help with you on-line reputation management.

  1. Monitor social media – make sure you have search terms set up for you, your brand, your industry and your competitors.
  2. Be Proactive - Don’t wait until there is a crisis to manage your on-line reputation, reply to the negative comments and promote the positive one.
  3. Be transparent -  if someone makes a negative comment on your site make sure you address the problem and talk about your fixes in public for everyone to see. If you just delete your negative comment it will devalue the positive one.
  4. Protect your on-line accounts – make it harder for people to impersonate you on-line.
  5. Act professionally – never put something out on Facebook or Twitter that you will regret because within minutes it could be share and Retweets around the world. Set up social media workflow approval on Sendible so there will always be at least one layer of approval needed for all your posts.


If you would like a any more information on how to protect your on-line reputation with Sendible please contact us for a demo.


Johnny Costello

Johnny Costello

Johnny is the Head of Sales at Sendible. He has worked in social media for over 8 years for some of the leading social media brands in the UK. He has developed an in-depth knowledge of the social sphere and the future trends in the industry. Johnny also has agency experience having worked as a media planner/buyer for Mindshare Ireland.


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