5 Creative ways to promote your Blog post in the Education Industry

Whether you're a professional working in the education industry or a business owner targeting this sector, running a blog will help create a brand that resonates with the public.

The education industry is a great setting for becoming a thought leader or key influencer – people in this sector have open minds and are interested in what others have to say about this crucial subject.

Here are 5 creative ways to promote your recent blog post and help it reach its target audience.

1. Reach out to your Contacts

People you know or users who have signed up for your RSS or newsletter are the most important resource in promoting a blog post. If they decide to share content to their own networks, you can count on your blog post to reach a wide audience.

Make sure to add a link to your email signature – every time you reach out to someone, spread the news about your post. It's a good idea to send an email to a group of people involved in your subject and ask for their feedback on the blog post. The chance is that some will really enjoy what you’ve written and share it on their social media channels.

2. Use bookmarking sites for promotion

This is a very interesting option for reaching out to communities that might really benefit from reading what you have to say. Some of the most popular bookmarking websites are: Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious or Technocrati.

Learnist is an education-themed board site that focuses on learning and features a smart toolbar bookmarklet to help people share their content. Posting your blog post on Quora when you spot a relevant conversation is a great idea too – providing a good answer and pointing to your content will help you build your status as an expert.

3. The Question of social media

Social media management can be tricky. Before setting up a profile, think carefully about the kinds of social networks used by people in the industry that you plan to target.

It's very likely that a Facebook account will not be that effective – especially if you're based in the US, where the popularity of this network is slowly waning.

Always look for alternatives to the social media giants used by other bloggers. Pinterest is a good example- you can create a board for your blog posts which you'll also use to share news and other relevant content

4. Use Twitter to drive Traffic to your post

Twitter is the most real-time social network on the web, it is an excellent option to quickly update your audience about a new blog post. Tweeting your own content is really helpful to establish your status as an expert.

Posting on Twitter is a great way for new followers to know you're running a blog. Users who have already visited your blog are reminded about the new post and can click on your content. Feel free to use different tweets to advertise the same piece of content – even two or three times a day!

4. Have a look at LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn now offers a blogging platform but it's not a good idea to simply paste your content and republish it here – it will take the traffic away from your blog. The best way to promote your blog post on LinkedIn is by posting it to groups that are focused on the subject you talk about. Ask for feedback, prompt reactions – don't get too promotional.

The education industry attracts quite a few online communities surrounding its various aspects – from online courses to the question of incorporating technologies into traditional curricula, you'll surely find your niche and develop a great strategy for promoting your blog posts.



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